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NEW! Comprehensive LSAT Group Course

Exclusive to the summer season and the October LSAT, I am now offering a number of classes taught in groups. The group setting will have the same rigorous quality teaching that I provide in my individual tutoring sessions.

Each class will be taught in weekly 3-hour sessions

To ensure the highest teaching quality and test result, my curent enrollment status for each course is updated in red. Please contact me at 202.878.1818 or with all the questions you might have. I always welcome questions!

Tuition Options

All tuition can be paid via Venmo or personal/cashier's check. Related payment information will be provided upon registration.


Group Discounts

If you are interested in taking a course with a friend or others (3 or fewer), provided that there is little to no scheduling conflict, I will be happy to accomodate this. In this case, discounts will be extended to each student of the class.

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