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Did you know...

- Over 60% of my comprehensive LSAT course graduates receive merit scholarships ranging from $15000 to full tuition plus a stipend, from a top 15 

   law school.


-  A score of 170 or above can get you scholarships amounting to at least 10 times more than the cost of your LSAT prep course?


- It takes on average about three months to prepare for the test? (four to five months if you are aiming for a 173 or above)


- LSAT is a test of speed and mental control in addition to your logic?


- Over 45% of my students score consistently at or above 170 in the week leading up to their tests?


- The Nationwide Average LSAT Score (with and without prep) is 153?


- You can make 1-2 mistake(s) and still get a 180?


- A score of 171 will put you in the 99th percentile of all test takers?


- Most 160-level test takers make their first mistake somewhere between question 9 and question 14 on a logical reasoning section?


- Almost all self-prepped students get stuck at their peak score range regardless of how many tests they take?


- Having perfect logic alone will only get you to the mid 160s?


- The writing section is used to gauge the discrepancy between your personal statement and your unpolished writing?



2010 - present

2010 - present

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