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Elite Scores Through Honest Efforts

Let the data speak for itself

Average improvement from over 1200 students taught over 10 years: 24 points

  Average score improvement based on your starting score:


1st diagnostic test score range: 120-130                    Average Improvement: 33 points

1st diagnostic test score range: 131-140                    Average Improvement: 25 points

1st diagnostic test score range: 141-150                    Average Improvement: 19 points

1st diagnostic test score range: 151-160                    Average Improvement: 17 points

1st diagnostic test score range: 161-169                    Average Improvement: 10 points


Every student wants to find the right teacher for their LSAT preparation. For this reason, it is very understandable for you to ask for references. A great way to obtain honest references is by walking into a class that your instructor teaches and asking to speak to any student. Don't be timid; successful LSAT preparation is a partnership. For this reason, you are welcome to contact me for my teaching schedule, so that you can visit any class and ask any student about their learning experience after the session.

Ashley K.

Starting Score: 144 Final Score: 167

"Thanks Tom! You taught me the theory and the mental game to do well on the test. I felt so prepared that I was actually excited to take the December LSAT!"

Emmanuel Y.

Starting Score: 142 Final Score: 168

"It was extremely helpful to me that we didn't rush into timed tests. You took the time to build up a solid base, so by the time we began taking timed tests, I was suprised by how much I improved."

Jessica W.

Starting Score: 155 Final Score: 172

"You pushed me to shoot for a higher score than I was previously targeting, and really helped to motivate me along the way until I got there. I couldn't have done it without you - thanks so much!"

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Colin S.

Starting Score: 160 Final Score: 171

"Through your individual teaching, customized drills and practice and then a thorough review for every topic, we were able to build up my theory in all areas of the test to a very high level."

Sean M.

Starting Score: 164 Final Score: 175

"I ended up improving my scaled score by 11 points. I can honestly say that I don't think that kind of improvement would have been possible without your tutoring."

Seungho P.

Starting Score: 152 Final Score: 176

"You could answer every question I had, and you could explain the answer in a manner that I was able to understand and implement in my preparation."

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