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Teaching Philosophy

My Approach


Over the years, I have come to realize that the #1 factor in achieving superb test results can be summarized in one word: Honesty.


As your teacher, I require brutal honesty when it comes to your understanding of the concepts and strategies taught. We should never give up learning a concept merely because you feel that you've been spending too much time on it. Just getting the correct answer is never enough without clear reasoning; insisting on having a lucid understanding of the correct answer is a major building block for conceptual breakthroughs and accurate intuition. Frequently, I would ask you to explain certain concepts back to me in class in order to confirm your understanding.


Honesty, on the parts of both students and instructor, is not just an attitude, but also a method to achieve elite results. I will never give up on you. Every concept is yet another small brick that would build up to that elite score in the end.


My Background


My name is Tom Qinsen. I graduated from the University of Chicago, and like many others, I thought about law school. I studied for the Law School Admission Test for two months and then took the LSAT. I received a 179. More importantly, I discovered that I truly enjoyed the learning process, partially because I have always respected and loved clear logic. Soon, letters from large test prep companies arrived asking if I was interested in becoming an LSAT instructor. Knowing how much I enjoyed the test, I gladly accepted the opportunity to teach. A year later, I resigned from my post and started to teach the LSAT on a more personal basis, first to friends and then as a private tutor. I have been enjoying each and every moment since then...

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